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What We Treat

Do You Have Any of the Following?

  • Joint or Muscle Pain?
  • Restricted Ability to Move Your Neck, Shoulder, Low Back, Hips or Knees?
  • Have You Had Stiffness and Limitation or Years?

As we get older, many of us experience injuries over the years that don’t completely heal.  We get many slight injuries every year. Even simple things like a fall or lifting something too heavy can leave us not being able to reach as far, squat as low, or bend as easily in our 40’s (or beyond) as we did when we were young.  Not surprisingly, time takes a toll.

Most of these heal in a few days or weeks, and we completely forget about them.  Unfortunately, our body does NOT forget about them, and will often times create pain and inhibition (weakness) in the injured part.

Perhaps you’ve even been diagnosed with arthritis, “bone-on-bone.”  Although some pain and restriction is inevitable as we age, surprisingly much of it is NOT.

Turn your head gently to the left and right.  See how far you can easily go.  Is there any pain or restriction?  Imagine how easily a 6 year old is able to turn their head. The difference is huge.  Most of us as we age lose some of our ability to turn our heads all the way.

  • Can you reach all the way above your head, straight up, with both arms?
  • Can you bend forward easily (and straighten up again)?
  • Can you bend side to side with no pain?
  • Can you easily rest one leg on the opposite thigh when you cross your legs?
  • Can you bring your knee to your chest when you lie on your back?
  • Do your elbows, wrists, ankles and fingers move completely freely, with no pain or limitation?

If you answered no to any of these questions, we may be able to help.  With just a very few treatments, we may be able to remarkably (often dramatically) increase the function of your joints.  This is almost like turning back the clock!

Of course, these techniques don’t work on everyone, or in every case.  Aging and reduction of function is inevitable.  But it is absolutely amazing how dramatically effective acupuncture can be in many cases.  The only way to know if it will work for YOU is to try.

We use a combination of acupuncture, electrical stimulation, soft tissue techniques (gua sha and tui na), primarily for treatment of acute and chronic pain.  Our treatments are useful for arthritis, sprains, strains, overuse injuries, sports injuries and more.

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