Classical Acupuncture

What it Is: An older form of acupuncture based on reflexes within the body.

What it’s used for: Neuropathy, Chronic Inflammation, Stress, Anxiety, Pain with Movement


At Naperville Acupuncture Center, we also use a classical style of acupuncture. This method is derived from the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, one of the oldest books in the world. Distal needling, or I Ching Acupuncture, is quite different from the typical treatments,is known for rapid results.

Use of the Distal Needling technique can produce instantaneous pain relief, often described as “turning off a light switch.”  This style of acupuncture also helps to create an approach for some of the more difficult conditions which are resistant to other types of treatment.

The acupuncture points used are in very specific places on the body. The points are located on the scalp and ears, on the arms from the elbows to the fingers, and on the legs from the knees to the toes. Consequently, the patient can lay on their back face or sit an a chair, and doesn’t need to remove any clothing.  Similar to reflexology, I Ching Acupuncture uses connections from one part of the body to affect another part. The treatments are efficient, comfortable and extremely effective.