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Traditional Acupuncture

In addition to modern styles of acupuncture, we use traditional styles that are popular around the world.  The most commonly used methods include TCM, Japanese, and microsystems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM is the standard form taught in acupuncture schools around the world.  It was officially created in China in the 1950’s by blending together many traditional styles.  This is the form of acupuncture based on treating the “meridians,” or points of the body.  It uses the traditional methods of diagnosis including observing the tongue at feeling the pulse.  Sometimes the points chosen are close to where the problem is, sometimes they are quite far away.  The acupuncture points are selected for their ability to relieve pain, reduce stress, and harmonize the internal organs.

Japanese Style Acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture uses similar points to TCM acupuncture, but a much lighter touch.  The needles are inserted very gently and to a very shallow depth.  We use Japanese style extensively for fibromyalgia and sensitive patients.


Microsystems are small areas that can be used to treat the whole body.  Many people are familiar with foot reflexology, which maps the body to the foot.  There are other areas that can be used in a similar way, such as the ear, scalp, and hand.  We most commonly use the ear, as it is a powerful area for reducing stress.


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