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Sciatica is one the most common conditions we see at Naperville Acupuncture Center. Up to 40% of adults will experience this pain sometime in their life.  People who suffer acute or chronic low back pain are susceptible.

The sciatic nerve stems from the lower lumbar spine and passes through the buttocks, down the back of each leg, to the soles of the feet and the big toes.  When a root of the sciatic nerve becomes pinched or irritated, you can feel the pain anywhere along the nerve's branch—low back, buttocks, leg, calf, or foot.  Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to get a good night's sleep
  • Spasms in the leg sometimes with cramps in the back of the knee
  • Burning, tingling, or searing pain in the leg
  • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot

People who frequently sit or drive are prone to sciatica, but it can happen to anyone.  It can keep you from even simple things like walking.  Imaging studies may reveal you have herniated or bulging discs at L4, L5, or S1.  You may be diagnosed with arthritis.  It is definitely scary to hear these things.  You may have already tried physical therapy, Gabapentin, muscle relaxers, steroids, chiropractic and more, but the good news is, in most cases we can still help you.   We will take a detailed history and do a detailed physical exam, looking for areas of nerve and muscle tension.  Targeting these muscles specifically with acupuncture and gua sha can get you feeling better quickly!


Sciatica Pain After Surgery

"Frank treated me for (pain after surgery for) spinal stenosis.  I had pain and weakness in my leg from almost the hip down and numbness on the side of my calf and bottom of my foot.  Although not totally gone, my pain, weakness, and numbness have been drastically reduced to a very tolerable level, and Frank also indicated that the full results (meaning more improvement) may take a few weeks to be fully realized.  I am very happy and glad I overcame my skepticism for acupuncture.  Although not covered by my insurance, the cost of 4 treatments and 2 follow-up treatments was very reasonable, especially compared to how much time, energy, and money I spent on western medicine treatments, and I tried them all :-).  6 treatments total - that is all.  If I have a relapse in the coming years, I will not hesitate to go (or should I say I will run) back to Frank."*
K. C.
* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors

Does Insurance Cover It?

In Illinois, only a few insurance plans cover acupuncture.  If yours does, we will help you get reimbursed.  If not, our prices are affordable.  Call today at 630-369-3237 to discuss our rates.

Will I Have To Keep Coming Forever?

Long-term maintenance is usually not necessary.  We give you as much improvement as possible, and empower you to care for yourself.

Will I Have To Spend A Lot Of Time Coming In For Treatments?

Most of our patients are able to get great results with twice-weekly, half-hour visits. We can discuss this in more detail at your free consultation.

I have Bulging or Herniated discs, can you still help?

YES.  Many of our patients have been diagnosed with herniated discs and arthritis.  Our treatments can still help!

How long does it take to see results?

People often feel a shift after the very first treatment. Acupuncture is a very powerful way to stimulate endorphin release, which is the most powerful relaxing substance the body makes.

What Are My Chances Of Success?

In our experience, most people we treat with sciatica will experience good or excellent results.

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet us in person and learn more.

Or, just call 630-369-3237 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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