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depression, anxiety and dependency diminished

After much skepticism, my sister convinced me to come here and give acupuncture a go back at the end of August.

I suffer from PTSD and this manifests itself as debilitating depression and anxiety. This in turn made every day of my life miserable for as far back as I can remember. I was constantly on edge and lashing out at people I love almost on a daily basis. I suffered from phantom pains all over my body and always felt so bad. I had no motivation whatsoever. The idea of waking up feeling good and in a good mood and staying that way throughout the day was a fantasy for me. I thought happiness was for others and not for me and that I was doomed by my mental illness to be like this for the rest of my life.

Aside from mental health issues, I struggled with alcohol dependency. I was drinking over 30 drinks a week easily and sometimes more. I had to drink everyday no matter what or I would become upset. Alcoholism runs in my family and I cannot think of one family member that does not have some form of addiction issues.

Today, I suffer from these things no more. I felt improvement after the first couple of weeks, but after the first month I no longer needed any medication. I feel giddy everyday and excited to be alive. I no longer have unexplained body pains, no longer on edge, no longer being toxic to my loved ones. I feel like I have the motivation to do anything.

Also, I have cut drinking to maybe 3 drinks a week. I no longer have any desire to drink. Although this is not something I brought up to Frank during sessions, I fully believe that the acupuncture cured my addiction. Now if I have a drink I don’t like the way it feels which is a complete shock to everyone I know, even myself lol.

I am at a loss for words trying to explain how thankful I am for my second chance at life. Frank is amazing at what he does and I guarantee you will experience improvement in whatever condition you are facing. If he can fix me, he can fix you!!! And if you are afraid of needles, please push that to the side. I had a huge phobia where if I even saw a needle I would freak out. I simply closed my eyes and asked to not see anything the first time. After the 2nd or 3rd time I couldn’t care less about the needles and now that phobia is completely diminished. That fear is so tiny compared to what you can achieve with the treatments. Just do it!!!! Stop what you are doing and schedule your appointment!

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