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Acupressure/Cupping/Gua Sha

Pain Neutralization Technique

Pain Neutralization Technique is a series of acupressure (no-needle) techniques developed by Dr. Stephen Kaufman.  It involves only targeted light touch to acupressure points, yet often time will almost magically alleviate pain and dramatically restore range of motion in just minutes.  Although this technique looks remarkably simple, it works by a deep understanding of brain and spinal reflexes.  Delivering just the right amount of stimulation can cause the brain to switch off pain, even if it’s been there for years.  We use the PNT often, sometimes in conjunction with acupuncture and sometimes alone.


Gua Sha

Gua sha is a hands-on treatment that has been used throughout Asia for centuries. Gua means ‘to rub’ and Sha is a term that describes inflammation in surface tissue in areas where the patient has stiffness and pain. Gua sha resolves spasms and pain, and promotes normal circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs. Research has shown that Gua sha causes a four-fold increase in microcirculation of surface tissue and can reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system. The patient experiences immediate changes in stiffness and pain with increased mobility while relaxing tension and reducing anxiety.


Cupping therapy is a 3,000-year old healing modality.   It was developed by different cultures across the world. The earliest accounts of the practice of cupping therapy and its many benefits emerged from China, but it can also be found in South America, Europe, and other Asian countries.

Cupping has been used to treat various symptoms such as pain, colds and flu.  But it also has been used to help to relieve conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety. The therapy can also be used to treat physical illnesses that result from mental stress and anxiety.

Cupping promotes the flow of blood in the body. When muscles and tissues are flooded with healing nutrients and fresh oxygen, they relax completely. The relaxation effect is also extended to the nervous system with cupping.

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