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Our Clinic History


About Naperville Acupuncture CenterOur clinic was founded in 2003 by Frank Grill,  Our first location was at Universal Spirit Yoga, which we soon outgrew.  Following that, we moved to Ogden Avenue in Naperville before moving to our current location on Mill Street in 2011. Since our opening we have given over 40,000 acupuncture treatments. 

This amount of experience has allowed us to discover combinations of techniques that can be very effective in treating new or chronic health concerns.  Our treatments are based on a modern understanding of how the body works.  As a result, you will experience advanced acupuncture techniques not found elsewhere.

Our clinic is proud to serve a diverse community of individuals who use acupuncture to bring emotional ease, support wellness, and nurture themselves through the ups and downs of life.   Acupuncture is not just for people who are “holistic!”  It is for anybody who wants to relieve pain and stress

We keep our prices affordable because our goal is for acupuncture to be a regular part of your experience for decades to come,  Our clinic is not the lease expensive, and it is far from the most expensive.  However, we believe that our experience and training allow us to deliver you the best value.

Most of our patients had never tried acupuncture before setting foot in Naperville Acupuncture Center.  But once they have experienced it, they couldn’t imagine NOT having it as a tool in their self-care box.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



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