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Bell’s Palsy

Bell's Palsy is a one sided paralysis of the face which comes on suddenly.  It is presumed that a virus inflames a nerve, causing it to swell and become compressed within the temporal bone.  It can cause weakness or complete paralysis.  It may be difficult to smile or close the eye completely.  The patient may also feel a numb or heavy feeling in the face.

Most cases of Bell's Palsy are treated with corticosteroids and antiviral medication.  Complete recovery usually occurs within several months.

At Naperville Acupuncture Center, we see an average of 2-3 patients per month with Bell's Palsy.   We treat every patient as an individual.  Acupuncture is used to improve the functioning of the nervous system, reduce inflammation,  and lower stress (which may exacerbate Bell’s Palsy).


Does the acupuncture hurt?

The needles are extremely thin, we insert them skillfully, and they cause very minimal or no pain.

Will I have to keep coming forever?

Long-term maintenance is usually not necessary.  We give you as much improvement as possible, and empower you to care for yourself.

Will I have to spend a lot of time coming in for treatments?

Most of our patients are able to get great results with twice-weekly, half-hour visits. We can discuss this in more detail at your free consultation.

Will I have to do some kind of horrible, super-restrictive detox or elimination diet?

Absolutely NOT. Our program is all about setting you up to succeed. We may indicate some supplements that can help.

How long does it take to see results?

People often feel a shift after the very first treatment. Acupuncture is a very powerful way to stimulate endorphin release, which is the most powerful relaxing substance the body makes.

What are my chances of success?

Bell's Palsy is a nerve injury, and will not improve instantly with any treatment. However, your situation is unique and once we meet with you we will be able to give you our best estimate of time and prognosis of outcome.

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