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Problems of the Spine and Back

backProblems of the Spine and Back

Muscle Strain of the Back – Back strain most often occurs in the lumbar region due to repetitive use or a sudden strain (twist or lift). Of all modalities available, we feel acupuncture is the most effective in reducing pain and stiffness and in restoring normal function. Treatment include the lumbar area but also the shoulder, neck, hips, iliotibial bands, hamstring and calf muscles.

Ligament Strain of the Back – Ligaments can be sprained as muscles are. Recovery time from ligament sprain is longer than from muscle sprains. Acupuncture applied to the injured area as well as the neck, shoulder, and hips can be helpful.

Thoracic Contusion – Contusions are trauma to the subcutaneous tissue. Medical attention is required after a contusion to rule out severe injury. Acupuncture is extremely effective in relieving pain from this condition.

Disc Herniation – The discs which provide cushioning between vertebrae can begin to degenerate as soon as a person is in their early 20’s. Disc problems are common. Symptoms include pain in the back, neck, buttocks, legs, and feet with numbness and tingling. Acupuncture can be very effective for controlling pain from disc herniation but may be combined with physical therapy or chiropractic.

Stress Fracture of Vertebrae – Surgery may be required. Acupuncture can reduce pain and improve function pre and post surgery. Regular acupuncture can actually help reduce chance of injury by reducing muscular stress.



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