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Problems of the Head and Neck

headache-400x322Problems of the Head and Neck

Neck Strain – Neck strains are extremely common and involve the muscles and tendons of the neck and shoulder. Caused by computer use, cell phones, stress and many other aspects of daily life. Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for these strains in all stages of the injury. Every day we treat at least several people with neck strain.

Cervical Nerve Stretch Syndrome – Contacts sports or injuries to the head, shoulder or neck may lead to severe burning pain radiating from the neck to arm and fingers, numbness, tingling sensation, or weakness. Acupuncture is very effective for this condition.

Whiplash – Whiplash occurs when a person is struck from behind. The sudden neck movement damages soft tissues including the discs, ligaments, cervical muscles, nerve roots, and joints. This can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder, or in between shoulder blades. A person should have a physical exam and possibly imaging after an accident, but acupuncture may be combined with other modalities in assisting recovery from these injuries.

Acute Torticollis – This is an injury that can be caused in different ways. A fall or sleeping the wrong way can compress the nerves in the neck, resulting in spasms, pain, and loss of movement. There may be damage to the vertebrae, discs, or nerves. The cause must be determined and sometimes surgery is required. If not, acupuncture can be very helpful and lead to a full recovery.

Cervical Disc Injury – Can be caused by acute injury or by repetitive stress, especially lifting heavy weights. Chronic slow-onset injury is related to disc degeneration. The symptoms include tingling sensation, weakness, and numbness or pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, or hand. Acupuncture may be combined with physical therapy or chiropractic to relieve these symptoms.

Cervical Radiculitis (Pinched Nerve) – This is an inflammation or compression of one of the nerves that supplies the shoulder, arm or hand. This occurs when a disc presses against the spinal nerves. It can be caused by repetitive stress or poor posture. The nerve can also be impinged by degenerating vertebrae or bone spurs. Mild or moderate cases can be relieved by acupuncture but more severe cases may require surgery.


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