Herbal Medicine

Over thousands of years, the Chinese used herbal medicine to treat patients suffering from a multitude of illnesses, injuries and conditions. Recognized the world over, Chinese herbal medicine continues to be an effective tool for helping today’s patients achieve optimal health benefits. Today at Naperville Acupuncture Center, we still use these herbs to relieve pain and promote health and well-being.  In addition, we use more modern supplements to benefit our patients.

Traditional Chinese Herbs

We use the highest quality sourced herbs.  Our formulas are given as convenient, easy to take capsules.  Thousands of years of observation and experience by Chinese healers created the basic, classical formulas in which today’s practitioners are trained. Recognizing the importance of carefully combining specific plant, mineral, and animal substances to achieve superior remedies, these formulas were used and tested  for thousands of years.

We use a select few of these traditional formulas.  These standardized full-spectrum herbal extracts are used to aid symptoms relating to digestion, immunity, stress, and other common problems.

Topical Herbs

Many herbs are not taken internally but used as soaks or plasters.  These are fantastic for chronic problems such as arthritis, or more recent issues such as a fall or sports injury.  Topical herbs can speed recovery dramatically.