Chinese Herbal Medicine

Over thousands of years, the Chinese developed a sophisticated herbal medicine to treat patients suffering from a multitude of illnesses, injuries and conditions. Recognized the world over as both effective and affordable, Chinese herbal medicine continues to be an effective tool for helping today’s patients achieve optimal health benefits. Today at Naperville Acupuncture Center, we use this ancient healing art to heal, relieve pain and promote health and wellbeing.

What is an Herbal consultation like?

Based upon a series of health questions, along with the Chinese medicine diagnostic tools of pulse-taking and tongue analysis, your herbal practitioner will design a custom herbal plan for your specific concerns. The formula created just for you may be further customized and refined as your symptoms resolve.

How are Chinese herbalists trained?

Chinese herbal training is part of a 5 year, post graduate degree at an accredited school of Chinese medicine. Training takes place in the classroom as well as an extensive internship in a supervised student clinic. After graduation, they must pass a national board exam in Chinese Herbology.

What does Chinese herbal medicine treat?

A partial list of conditions successful treated with Chinese herbal medicine includes: