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Nutritional Supplements

Along with acupuncture, meditation, and proper diet, your treatment plan includes recommendations for nutritional supplements.  These have been thoughtfully selected for you based on treating thousands of people with similar symptoms.  We have included a description of each supplement and what is intended to do. We want you to know the care with which we prepare your treatment plan, so you will feel confident and take them regularly as intended.  In this way, you will receive the maximum benefit from your supplements.

Why Take Supplements?

Nutritional supplements aid your body in a way that acupuncture and meditation cannot.  There are two main reasons to take supplements.  One, even if you eat a very healthy diet, because our food supply is not perfect, you may miss some nutrients. The second, and more important reason, is that when your body has been injured or depleted by stress or illness, certain nutrients can greatly assist your body’s recovery.  Various amino acids, enzymes, or herbs, for example, can help the body complete a healing process. They can assist with detoxification, reduce inflammation, or give you the building blocks to create new healthy tissue.  As good as acupuncture is, there is no substitute for providing the raw materials your body needs to repair itself.

What Do Supplements Do?

Acupuncture works primarily to calm the nervous system.  This helps many conditions, but not all. Supplements on the other hand, have a different purpose. The supplements we choose have five main functions:

  • Replenish Energy Reserves
  • Clear Detoxification Pathways
  • Improve Circulation
  • Help Metabolism
  • Support Immunity







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