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What Is The Exstore System?

Greetings and happy holidays!  I hope this finds everyone well.  I have some exciting things to share with you.  This year I celebrated my 15th(!) year in practice.  It seems hard to believe.  Persisting in anything for 15 years is a challenge.  One of the things that keeps my going is the constant search for newer and more powerful acupuncture techniques.  I have traveled around the country, gone to endless seminars, and read dozens of books.  Acupuncture is a huge field and there are many, many styles to choose from.  There are many Chinese styles, but also Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and even western style or “dry-needling.”  I have explored many of these but over the years I came to rely on the treatment of “trigger points” as a primary tool.

The trigger points (or “knots”) in the muscles are the source of a great many pain problems.  For years, I have studied trigger points and how to release them. Many of you are familiar with the acupuncture trigger point techniques I have used and the profound relief they can provide.  Getting the muscle to twitch or “jump” (sometimes referred to as dry-needling) can release tension and pain instantly.

As good as these techniques are, I am always on the lookout for ways to make them better.  To find a way to make them faster, more accurate and more powerful.  I constantly research and test new methods.  Some work ok, some are so-so, but rarely do I find something that blows me away.  I can honestly say finding the EXSTORE system was a game-changer for me.

In the past several months, we have introduced the EXSTORE method of assessment and treatment.  Those of our patients who have experienced this technique have been very happy with the outcomes thus far and we are excited to tell you about it. In 15 years of practice, nothing else I have found has made such a huge difference.

The EXSTORE system is a method of assessing pain patterns quickly and finding the root cause.  Basically, we test the strength of the muscles to find which ones are neurologically inhibited (weak).  These muscles are not doing their job of supporting the body structure and can lead to pain and dysfunction.  After pinpointing which muscles are weakened, we apply acupuncture plus electric stimulation (similar to a TENS unit), which immediately “wakes up” the muscle, changing the strength instantly!  When the muscles are reawakened, the body will be able to move better and the painful situation will improve, often dramatically.

The EXSTORE technique is combined with all the other methods we have, including cupping, gua sha, kinesiotaping and others.  However, it is now the foundation on which these other techniques rest.  This combination has produced much better results than I have had previously, for sciatica, neck pain, knee pain and many other common conditions.  It even works great for IBS, PMS, and other internal complaints.  If you have not experienced this technique I invite you to call today at 630-369-3237 and give it a try!

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