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Alternative Treatment Options For Endometriosis

Affecting an estimated 4-10% of women worldwide, endometriosis is all-too-common disease in which cells from the uterus begin to grow outside the uterine cavity. Symptoms vary depending on a number of different factors, but severe pelvic pain is reported by many women suffering from this disease. Thankfully, there are several effective treatment options available for endometriosis.

Most women who suffer from endometriosis assume conventional treatment (e.g. prescription painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery, hormone therapy, oral contraceptive) is the best course of action. The problem with such treatments is that they often come with unwanted side effects. Undergoing hormone therapy, for instance, may lead to infertility, while painkillers only mask the problem without treating its underlying cause.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a more direct approach to treating endometriosis. TCM may include the use of herbal medicine, cupping, acupuncture, aromatherapy, naturopathy, and lifestyle changes, all of which are designed to restore the body and mind back to its healthy state. To better understand TCM and its role in the treatment of endometriosis, you must first look at the body’s energy force. Known as Qi, our body has an energy force that flows between the organs in paths called meridians. When a blockage occurs, Qi becomes stagnant and unable to provide ‘life’ to the organs; thus, increasing the risk of disease and illness. The good news is that you can restore the body’s flow of Qi through the use of TCM.

Women with endometriosis often experience blood stagnation due to kidney malfunction. Our kidneys are responsible for a number of different functions, such as reproduction, blood production, hair health/growth, and more. If the kidneys don’t receive adequate energy, the individual’s blood will grow stagnant.

So, how can Traditional Chinese Medicine help? While there are dozens of different types of TCM available, nearly all of them focus on one basic principle: to restore the flow of Qi. Endometriosis is characterized by blood stagnation and poor kidney function, both of which are typically the result of Qi blockages via meridians within the body. Whether it’s acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, or a combination of the three, women with endometriosis should look into TCM. It’s a safe and effective way to treat a variety of conditions while improving the body’s health.

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