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We offer many health workshops for individuals, couples, groups and workplaces. ​  To schedule a class for your group or workplace, call (630) 369-3237 today!


Partner Massage/Gua Sha

This is  our first and most popular class. Did you know simple touch can improve your immune system? Studies show that touch not only signals safety and trust, it is also soothing. Touch also activates the body’s vagus nerve and calms cardiovascular stress.  We will show you several simple techniques to use at home PLUS how to use the traditional Chinese method of Gua Sha!  Amaze your friends, learn to relieve stress, headache, sinus congestion and more!
Neuroscience 101
For years, people have asked us, “How does acupuncture work?”  Unfortunately, this is a very complex topic and it’s difficult to give a quick explanation.  Now, we offer a class that explains the mystery of acupuncture and healing.   However, this class offers more benefits than just understanding acupuncture.  Current research demonstrates that those who understand the nervous system are able to exercise longer, move better, and actually experience less pain!  This is a cutting-edge class that will leave you wondering why no one ever told you about this before.  Come find out why knowledge is literally power!
Meditation Made Ridiculously Simple
You want to meditate.  You think you should meditate.  You’ve TRIED to meditate.  But you just end up being bored, frustrated, or asleep.  Do you really have to spend houurs a day trying to reach Nirvana? NO! Learn the real reason WHY you should meditate, and a simple and fast procedure you can use to get started.
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